Can You Get Into Law School With a 144 LSAT?

A 144 LSAT score does not necessarily disqualify you from attending law school. However, law schools value other factors besides test scores, such as your GPA, work experience, extracurriculars, and your personal statement. So, a 144 LSAT score may be insufficient for admission, but you still should try. In fact, it might give you the advantage of a shoe-in at a top law biography.

You have a reasonable chance of getting into law school with a 144 LMAT score. 144 is in the top third of all test takers. A 144 LSAT score will put you well within the range of many top law schools. But it depends on your goals and your career goals. Here are some of the possible options for you. If your career goals are to be a lawyer, a 144 LSAT score may not be the best option.

If your LSAT score is lower than the median LSAT score of law schools, you may have a better chance of getting in. While law schools usually report the median LSAT score of their entering classes, this number may be misleading. For example, a 144 LSAT score may only be good enough to get into a top law school, but it might not get you a great job. In other words, law schools can’t guarantee you’ll make it as a lawyer. You should be aware of this.

CUNY, the only publicly-funded law school in the city, is one such school. CUNY will be more lenient on your LSAT score if you show your commitment to public service. Besides, it’s worth mentioning that CUNY will offer you a scholarship if you’re a qualified applicant. However, if you’re worried about not getting in, don’t give up!

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