Guide on 188bet

Our objective at 188bet is to provide you with the best online entertainment experience.

Why go with 188bet?

Top odds 188bet?

Our odds at 188bet are up to 20% better than those of the majority of betting exchanges. (prize money after commission is subtracted) we offer you a number of advantages:

  • we are a global standards-compliant online betting business. We provide you the greatest pricing and the best investment since we don’t want you to pass up a fantastic chance. You can always place large bets.
  • As a result, you’ll obtain a good return. Greatest value and quality of service

In asian handicap games, there is also the hold hypothesis. You get the greatest odds because they are 1.5 percent less expensive than the market on major events like the english premier league and major leagues like germany, italy, and spain.

More types of wagering

We have a trend while betting. Bringing you over 10,000 games each month, special throughout play. We also have more than 400 leagues for football, including all the big ones. Never do we miss

Croatian cup, bulgarian cup, norwegian cup, german 2nd bundesliga, romanian first division, cyprus cup, denmark division 1, french league 2, thailand king’s cup, brazil series b, japan league 1, korea k-league, argentina premier division, and many more!

Please let us know straight immediately if we don’t have any upcoming new leagues or tournaments.

Several services

On our website,, we provide a huge selection of betting possibilities. A unique range of live casinos is also available at 188BET in addition to sports betting. And conventional casinos that are open for entertainment said the casino we have carefully chosen the top 188bet for our consumers from throughout the world. 

Our products have been enhanced throughout time. Because you can feel freshness and excitement through it to guarantee that we can offer you the greatest online entertainment available.


You can choose from a number of languages to access our 188bet website. Additionally, we keep on offering services to enhance our website and add more languages. To satisfy the demands of clients everywhere. 

You can also enjoy 188bet, the leading mobile casino and sportsbook accessible at 188bet, designed for tablets and iphones. Go to for net worth more information, but if you want to use wap, go to

You have a selection of deposit and withdrawal methods.

It is simple to make both deposits and withdrawals. You can be the greatest and most acceptable alternative for clients by selecting one of the various deposit-withdrawal options that 188bet offers. 

Various methods of money transfer are secure at the same time. Additionally, it moves quickly and is convenient. Visit our banking page to learn more. Visit the deposit and withdrawal page for further information.

Customer support

For us, the customer always comes first. You are a part of our company, and we will make an effort to meet your needs. We strive for customer happiness. Our 188bet team is prepared to offer first-rate customer support to fulfill your demands, and we welcome any feedback you may have on how we might provide better services.

Customer service representatives are available by phone, email, and live chat if you have any queries or recommendations.

Organization data

The isle of man gambling supervision commission has granted cube limited a license and accreditation to own and operate 188bet.

We acknowledge that playing games and gambling are entertainment. Despite the fact that we only started a service business in 2006, all of our staff members have relevant experience. To ensure that clients receive the best value for their money when engaging in online entertainment through the top-notch products we provide and the first-rate client service.

Please contact corporate affairs with any media or corporate queries regarding 188bet or cube limited.


You can get in touch with our customer service staff at contact us with specifics of your complaint if you want to voice dissatisfaction with any part of 188bet’s goods or services.

Complaints procedure – following the initial complaint registration, 188bet will conduct a fair investigation. 

Objective and promptly inform you of our findings and/or decisions. To assist us in resolving your complaint, you might be asked to submit further details, proof, or documents 52av.

Alternative dispute resolution (adr) – all complaints that cannot be resolved through our complaints process may be presented to the impartial body charged with making decisions in cases of disagreement. 

If a problem is referred to the appropriate independent body, it will be resolved in accordance with the law and the dispute resolution process, and the independent body’s judgment will be final and bind you. Won’t have the chance to ask the court for assistance

Discretionary gaming

We take pleasure in offering our members the best online entertainment. We acknowledge that playing games can be a kind of fun and work to give our members the greatest possible online gaming experience. 

We are a trustworthy and accountable service company. When playing with us, we want our members to be in the greatest possible situation. Our whole customer service team has received problem gambling management training. 

We perceive and comprehend in fragments. However, it is significant for our members because they could struggle to regulate their gaming activity. Their family, profession, finances, and social standing may all suffer as a result. We advise you to take the time to read crucial information and to play responsibly.

If you are under 18 years of age, you are not permitted to play our games. 

And should immediately quit our website please be aware that anyone detected using this website under the age of 18 will lose any wins and be reported to the proper authorities.

  • Take notice that self-defense settings cannot be changed. It will follow the time frame that has been given.
  • You won’t be able to open any new accounts during the self-protection period, and any that you do will be immediately closed.
  • We’ll take all necessary precautions to make sure you don’t get any promotions from us.
  • If you’ve already built up your own defenses against other gambling sites or any other prior provider. Your 188bet account will not be impacted by these selections.
  • After the tool time has ended, if you need to access your 188bet account, you can do so by contacting customer care via live chat, email, or phone at +852 5808 3608, who will then provide you with a thorough account update. Whether it is a device to prohibit you from gambling or a temporary halt to accessing the account we will process your account within 24 to 48 hours.

Avoid placing bets on the website by taking precautions.

Avoid placing bets on the website by taking precautions. You can select a time frame, like a minimum of six months. 

Pick my account > responsible gaming from the protect yourself from gambling and pause account menu. For the appropriate amount of time, you must respond to requests you make for the use of this product. 

On the apply button, click. Once the time period has been chosen and the “apply” button has been hit, you will get a notification about your request. 

Click “yes” on the dialog box to confirm. The procedure of seeking the usage of such instruments has come to an end. Then a dialog window will appear asking you if you want to make a withdrawal or keep the money in your account. 

When you select “yes,” the system will direct you to the withdrawal page where you may make a withdrawal. If you choose “no,” or if there is not enough money in your account a notice box stating “you have requested protection against gambling and your account has been suspended” will be shown by the system.

Avoid using mobile gambling apps.

Self-defense circumstances on the mobile page, select “my account” from the top menu. Deciding to bet sensibly. The system then directs you to a page where you can select how long you want to utilize the betting protection service for. 

According to the menu, you must acknowledge your request to use this instrument by providing a sample of at least 6 months. Select “apply.” when “apply” is selected, a notification describing your request will appear. Requesting the use of such tools is finished by typing “yes” in the message box. 

Then a dialog window will appear asking you if you want to make a withdrawal or keep the money in your account. When you select “yes,” the system will direct you to the withdrawal page where you may make a withdrawal. 

If you choose “no,” or if there is not enough money in your account a notice box stating “you have requested protection against gambling and your account has been suspended” will be shown by the system.

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