How Can You Encounter From Dusting Attack- Tips From KuCoin

The Crypto industry has come a long way since it began with Bitcoin in 2009. With each passing day, there are new currencies and developments in Crypto, and more than 120 million users are investing and trading in Crypto. But with the advancement in the Crypto industry, hackers and scammers have also become active, and new fraud techniques are emerging. Keep an eye on this crypto blog to get the latest news and potential scams information upfront.

There are many ways by which hackers and scammers can steal the amount from crypto traders, and one of them is a dusting attack. It is among the most sophisticated attack techniques that are highly difficult to detect and has high risks. Suppose you are willing to have a secured trading experience. In that case, KuCoin is the best platform as it offers the highest security features and constantly updates its users about potential scams so that you know everything in advance. In this article, we will discuss dusting attacks and how you can avoid them in detail. So let’s begin. 

What Is a Dusting Attack?

Dusting refers to a tiny amount that anyone can easily ignore. Hackers and scammers send this tiny amount to wallet addresses designed to gather account details. After the dusting, the attacker can access the wallet and monitor the transactions or get private information, and hackers can use them for any attacks, including real-world threats. The most worrying thing about the dusting attack is that the hackers can steal the victim’s account data and other vital information for a long time, and the victim would not know it for a long time. This information can be used in various ways, and the account is prone to stealing.

How Does Dusting Attack Work?

In the first step of the dusting attack, a small amount is sent to the wallet of the victim’s account, and the aim of sending these is to get access to vital information about the account. Usually, these amounts are sent to a large community, and potential easy victims are identified. 

The next step is to use this information. Hackers can use the information in multiple ways. The hackers can use it for phishing attacks after knowing the real value of the account. They can also get personal data that they can use for further crimes, such as selling these data for fake profiles or even worse. The worst possible consequence of dusting is that they harm the victim in the real world for their assets.

How To Avoid Dusting Attack?

The severity of a dusting attack is high, and it is almost impossible to detect, but there is an easy way to avoid it. Hierarchical-deterministic wallets are best against these attacks, which create a new address for every transaction, and even if anyone tries to reach you, they have to face a new address every time.

You can minimize the risk of dusting attacks or any other scam by simply being proactive and not clicking everything you find online. KuCoin has many security features, providing endless support against every possible attack.

You can prevent any phishing attack by copying the link and checking it on KuCoin’s official website to see if it has come from a legit platform or not. More than that, there are constant updates and news to avoid any possible attack.


No Crypto platform is completely immune to security threats, and one such attack is dusting. It starts by sending a small amount to victims that anyone can easily ignore. KuCoin is the best platform to avoid these attacks, offering access to over 600 coins. It provides the latest Crypto prices, including ADA price and DEFI. Hackers and fraudsters send a small sum to wallet addresses to collect account information. Following the dusting, the attacker may access the wallet to monitor transactions or get sensitive information, and hackers can use them for any attack, including real-world threats. A dusting assault is extremely dangerous and nearly hard to detect, but a simple method exists to avoid it. Hierarchical-deterministic wallets are the most resistant to these assaults, which generate a new address for each transaction and force anybody attempting to contact you to deal with a new address each time.

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