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How to Look Good in Men’s Fashion

If you’ve ever looked at men’s fashion magazines, you’ve likely noticed that most of the models are exceptionally fit, and they all seem to be about twenty years old. This is because men’s fashion is built around an ideal visual silhouette – tall, skinny, and youthful. While this type of body type may not be typical for fashion men, there are many ways to look good in male clothing.

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First, you need to find clothes that flatter your figure shape. This may be easier said than done. Men with triangular body shapes have a difficult time choosing clothes because most men’s fashion clothing is shaped with a broad waist and narrow shoulders. To create balance and shape with your clothes, you’ll need to find the right combination of solids and prints. Vertical stripes can add width to your upper body. However, horizontal stripes should be visible only from the chest upward.

Men’s dress shirts were traditionally full-fitting. This allowed for a better range of motion. But in previous decades, shirts were considered undergarments and were never seen without an outer layer. So, wearing one without a shirt underneath was unfashionable. However, now they’re regarded as a fashion statement, and many men look very smart in them. If you’re wondering how to dress for the occasion, try a slim fit shirt.

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