Jaw surgery

This type of surgery is basically surgery to move the jaw forward or backward. or moving up or down to make the face more slender But still can’t fix the short chin. Or cut off the square jaw completely. Therefore, orthognathic surgery is often performed in conjunction with V-line jaw reduction surgery if jaw surgery is performed in conjunction with V-line square jaw surgery in the maxillofacial surgery procedure. The doctor will cut and fill in more ram. Not only the side faces But the chin and front face will change satisfactorily. When considering the process and the results obtained. It is considered a very good match.

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When the face starts to look old We often miss face lifting. Restoring skin elasticity alone will not fix sagging facial skin. The doctor will cut the wound on the side of the ear and pull the skin up. Then, fat is injected under the eyes, cheeks and nasolabial folds, or using Accusculpt laser to safely dissolve fat in thick and drooping areas on the face, such as cheeks, cheekbones, chin, resulting in a firmer, more resilient face.

Liposuction and Buttock Lifting Surgery

now They pay more attention to their shape. But for the part of the body that can’t be reduced, no matter how much diet or exercise, liposuction can be used to help. Body slimming correction with liposuction along with this surgery to lift sagging buttocks. It will make the body line look beautiful and the legs will look slender. It is a pairing of surgery that helps to make the shape more beautiful in one way.

In an era where everyone is looking for perfection in every corner A satisfactory surgery is not to make the face look equally beautiful, but to adjust and balance each person’s personality. Because even if each part of the face has surgery until it is beautiful, if the result seems inconsistent and doesn’t suit you, it won’t be satisfying. Therefore, matching surgery is a way to help you get more satisfactory results. Of course, surgery does not have a fixed principle of how many points must be done. It is important to properly examine and analyze it before it can be determined.

If talking about other advantages of having surgery at the same time, two points are Reduce anesthesia to a single drop. thus reducing concerns in this regard. For those who do not have time Performing multiple surgeries simultaneously reduces the recovery time more. In terms of expenses Doing multiple points at once also gets a bigger discount than doing them individually.

What kind of face has surgery to be beautiful? pay the same amount. Why can’t I be beautiful like a celebrity?

The main reason why plastic surgery is getting more attention is celebrities. When a star’s gorgeous present is compared to a plain old-fashioned portrait of the same star. The more it stimulates the need for surgery, it has become an example of rebirth. Inspiration and hope “If we do some surgery, we’ll…”

but the surgery “Be like anyone” won’t satisfy you. Most celebrities already have the foundation of a good face and body. When meeting real stars, most people tend to say that. fist-sized faces, small faces like a child The proportions of celebrities’ faces are different from that of normal people. If you were born with a face size that is one-eighth or one-fifth of your height and have a slender face with no excess. You can easily enter the industry as a star.

Of course, celebrities and normal people are not the same. But many times, people have plastic surgery to be more beautiful than celebrities. The problem is that each person has a different location for the surgery. So the results are not the same. even having the same surgery pays the same amount at the same hospital with the same doctor But the results are different. Because the face structure is born, the position of the eyes, nose, mouth and face is different. Therefore, it is impossible for the results of the surgery to be the same.

If you want to specify what kind of face “accepts plastic surgery”, a simple face. They are usually prettier after the surgery than their already sharp faces. Because a face like this can change a lot even with a small correction. Therefore, the results from the surgery are maximum.

If I consider the results of the surgery separately, although it looks beautiful, overall it looks unnatural. It cannot be called a successful surgery if too much has been done in some parts. Or do not blend with other components of the face instead of looking pretty can make it look unnatural.

If you notice celebrities who have had beautiful plastic surgery can see the overall face of that star. They look good together and nothing is too much. To achieve such results requires artistic experience. and the ability of the surgeon Most patients therefore choose to use the services of cosmetic clinics that perform plastic surgery for celebrities. This is not because I want to be as beautiful as that star. but because I believe that the surgery will be successful and satisfactory

However, to achieve the expected results It is important to consult a surgeon. and choose the surgery that best suits your face And should check the results of the surgery with a virtual image of the face that will change after the surgery.

Sometimes because of the greed of wanting to be a little more beautiful, everything collapses. The standard of surgery is not to look like any celebrity. But having to be yourself, greed to be beautiful beyond the boundaries may cause too much surgery, so the result may be worse.

Instead of sticking to surgery Should get to know and understand your own face first. and then enhance the strengths and camouflage the weak points correctly so it will be the best

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