Stunning places to enjoy the fall foliage of autumn in the USA

We all love summer, but that is not constant. Sometimes goodbyes can be good, and as the summer says farewell, the new season brings new memories and beautiful natural cycles: the autumn. Fall is that time of year when the weather gets colder, the days get shorter, and a cup of hot cocoa gets longer! Among all the beautiful places in the world, the USA brings you the most scenic views of varied hues of nature. So, get some hot clothes and grab your US visa to explore the must-see fall foliage sites in the USA.

In these seamless sites, we have picked the best places to see fall colors in the USA.

Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

The entire Ozark National Forest is oozing with autumn gems, with more than 1.2 hectares of forest. As October says hello, the fall foliage rises to its peak, offering the most scenic views of the forest. Walk along the beautiful fall trees while the autumn hues surround you. You can also enjoy a mountain adventure, exploring rivers, parks, and more.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is a perfect definition of fall as it is widely known as “fall’s color capital”. The whole town flatters its autumn colors, one of the best fall foliage in the USA. Enjoy the changing foliage from September to mid-October, including the special deals to hike and tour. Some of the best hike trails include Kirchner Woods, Wiessner Woods, and Moss Glen Falls.

Bar Harbor, Maine.

Bar Harbor is the top tourist destination from mid-October, offering the best sites for travelers searching for the radiant colors of autumn. The salty coastline gleams with the shades of autumn as you take in the sea breeze, making it a perfect spot for a day out or picnic. For the best views, head to Gorham Mountain or Acadia National Park.

The Poconos, Pennsylvania

The Poconos of Pennsylvania provides the best sites for autumn lovers from mid-September to October. Follow Route 507 around Lake Wallenpaupack; it makes for a beautiful road trip while calming your buzzing soul amid the hectic routine. The winding roads and fall-the best ways to enjoy the scenic autumn and best vacation destination in the USA.

Lenox, Massachusetts

Lenox is a prime destination that is well-known for its foliage destinations. After all, it is Massachusetts. Choose to hike or ride a bike to Mount Greylock—an excellent spot to view the most beautiful autumn in the USA—or set out on your own expedition to discover the fall foliage hotspots, of which, Bartholomew’s Cobble and Woods Pond are notable.

Taos, New Mexico.

Taos, New Mexico, located in the Southwest Desert, serves as a prominent hotspot to view the changing colors of leaves. It is must-see fall foliage in the southwest where the enchanting views of the USA await from the Enchanted Circle, Highway 64, and the High Road between Taos and Santa Fe. Even the hiking trails of Willian Lake Trail #62, Goose Creek Trail #65, and the most popular Columbine Trails give the best views.

Aspen, Colorado

Named after the gorgeous Aspen trees, the Aspen of Colorado experiences a perfect yellow-golden hue in the fall. Before you set the plans for ski season, enjoy the beautiful hued foliage amidst the aspen trees. Head to the Maroon Bells, a popular site to view the autumn for some picturesque drives. Castle Creek Road, Independence Pass, and Maroon Creek Road are the best routes.

Staten Island Greenbelt, New York.

The Staten Island Greenbelt, located within the five boroughs of Staten Island, provides a perfect opportunity for city residents to witness seasonal changes without having to travel far from their homes. Find the tulip, beech, oak, maple, and many more trees showing their seasonal colors, making it a perfect spot for a weekend escape.

The seasons change, and so do the colors of nature. Bucket list these sites for the best autumn trips in the USA.

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