The Best Way to Create Animated Logos

It is common knowledge that visuals catch our attention, and moving images even more so. By creating an animated logo, you can add another dimension to your brand storytelling. A logo animation can liven up an otherwise boring medium and better communicate what your business stands for.

Logos are something that may need to be designed for any kind of business you are in. You might be wondering what is the best way to create a logo that will be unique, appealing, original and in line with the company’s values. Below you will find more about the ways to do it and what kind of benefits these will provide.

Animated logo builder

You can’t afford to keep your brand stationary in an ever-changing world. Create your own logo animation to increase visibility and focus on one of your most crucial brand elements. Using the simple animated logo builder. In these kinds of tools you’ll have a library full of free templates from which you can take inspiration, so you don’t need to start totally from scratch. You can just select a design template and then add visual elements, change the colors, fonts, and other small details.


  • This tool is ideally for small businesses who don’t want to invest in a professional logo created by a designer.
  • It’s so easy to use, that even a newbie can create a new logo in no time


  • The tool has its limitations in terms of animation effect and graphic tools, so you won’t be able to create totally original animated logos

Professional Logo Animation Maker

If you choose a professional logo animation maker, you can draw and animate your own logos and all their variations. If you’re not really skilled to draw logos, there is still a chance that you will have no success in finding talented designers. With an effective online tool that has a minimal learning curve, you can create an animated SVG logo from beginning to end.

You can draw from scratch in the editor, import your existing logo, and animate it in a matter of minutes. A professional software offers the most advanced tools for logo animation, for example animators like rotate, scale, morph, filter, path, color, and many more. You can also export your logo animation in different formats, and change it anytime you need.


  • Offers unlimited creative freedom, and lets you create custom logo animation tailored to your needs
  • Offers different export options for any use case


  • It requires graphic design skills in order to achieve the best results possible


If you have an SVG logo, you can try to animate it in CSS or Javascript. However, this might be quite time consuming and frustrating. Unless you want a really simple animation effect, like fill animation or a subtle movement, it’s not worth to waste your time with this type of animation.


In the end, if you want to create a unique and timeless logo, you should always start with the element that the brand is most known for. A professional logo animation tool is an ideal way to produce highly engaging, highly flexible logos. It allows your customers to share your brand with the world and tell its story through an attractive and engaging visual form. Animated logos are now an essential part of a small business brand story, and using them should be something you consider when working on your company logo design.

These simple tools are just some of the possibilities you have to create a professional looking logo. You can also hire a professional graphic designer that will create the logot of your dreams.

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