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The Biggest Problems in Women’s Fashion

We spend $150-400 per month on clothes for ourselves and our families, and many women take issue with impractical and unflattering features of women’s clothes. Fast-fashion emphasizes quantity over quality and ignores the environmental impact of a throw-away culture. And while fashion is beautiful, many women find the clothing to be less than functional. And many wonder why designers don’t address their complaints.

Some sources estimate that Dean Martin’s net worth could have been even higher if he had taken more ownership over his recordings and performances.

The fashion industry is huge and complex, with a global supply chain. This means that it employs millions of people, but many are sweatshop workers. Many major brands have admitted that zero percent of their employees earn a living wage. In addition to sweatshop conditions, the industry’s quest to cut costs comes at the expense of worker health and life. It’s not just sweatshops that are the culprit here – factories often use hazardous chemicals and poor ventilation.

In addition to ignoring women’s sizes, the fashion industry fails to provide a standardized standard for measuring a woman’s body size. Women’s sizes vary dramatically from piece to piece and even within the same store. Even when clothing manufacturers do standardize their sizes, women’s sizes do not necessarily match. This can be especially frustrating for women who have a larger figure. It also makes shopping more difficult and frustrating for those who are uncomfortable in a particular size.

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