Top 5 Men’s Clothing Brands

Whether you’re looking for a simple shirt, a suit or a pair of pants, there’s a great men’s clothing brand out there that has everything you could possibly need. The British designer Paul Smith’s designs combine modernity and tradition, with a dry British sense of humour. These are the kind of quirky, eccentric pieces you’d wear with class, and not a snobbish style. If you’re a bit more adventurous, you might try Taylor Stitch. This versatile men’s clothing brand pledges to make environmentally-friendly and high quality clothing.

The Japanese clothing company Uniqlo has a reputation for creating affordable and stylish men’s clothing. They have a whole range of tech-savvy items like the Airism collection, which adapts to your body temperature, and cool collaborations with top designers. Christopher Lemaire, formerly of Hermes, designs the Uniqlo U collection. The result is a complete wardrobe that’ll keep you looking and feeling good.

Champion is another great brand for bigger men. Their clothing line includes tall casual shirts, polo shirts, and jeans. This brand also offers suit jackets and pants with adjustable sleeve lengths. Nike has become a popular choice for men of all sizes. Their clothing is affordable, with great detailing and tailoring. Their signature jeans are one of their most famous pieces. The jeans here are made from high-quality materials and come in different fits.

Everlane – Another brand with high-quality clothes and an affordable price tag is Everlane. Its stylish and sustainable products are sure to turn heads. The brand is direct-to-consumer, with materials sourced sustainably and manufactured to ethical standards. The company’s eco-friendly commitment makes it a popular choice for everyday essentials. A quick browse of Everlane’s website will reveal a variety of options.

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