What are the signs of sensitive skin?

The definition of “sensitive skin” refers to skin that is prone to reactions from a number of internal and external factors. Whether the weather changes Rising temperatures, cold, stress, pollution, sunlight, men’s shaving including the use of beauty products or cosmetics with improper formulations. All of them are external triggers that cause irritation and cause immediate skin reactions.

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Sensitive skin indicates skin discomfort by showing signs of problems on the face or body. Redness, excess sebum, dryness, itching, and acne are all possible reactions that may occur in the individual. Sensitive skin is not a characteristic of any skin type. You may have oily, dry, or combination skin and are prone to reactions.

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Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to be aware of the factors that cause skin problems that may be the cause of the reaction. You can strengthen your oil shield with the right level of hydration. with ingredients that suit the needs of the skin Clarins’ exclusive range of products for sensitive skin provides protection and silky softness.

01 How should I react to sensitive skin?

How to know if your skin is sensitive or not?

It allows you to provide the skin care you need to maintain healthy skin and prevent problems. That could happen. The beginning of symptoms can show up on your face. If the appearance of the epidermis changes, such as a feeling of heat, redness, or itching, you may be reacting to something. Your skin may peel in particularly sensitive areas of your face.

and are more susceptible to environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure without proper UV protection. stress from busy daily life, air conditioners, etc. You should take care to strengthen the skin and add water to the face by using moisturizing products. Hydra-Essentiel skincare products help strengthen skin to retain moisture with organic Leaf of Life extract. Choose the texture that suits your skin type.

Sometimes other external factors That negatively affect the skin, it happens over and over again. Knowing the environmental factors that can interfere with sensitive skin can help you avoid or prepare for better skin protection. Proper care means strengthening the skin’s natural strength.

02 How should I adjust my beauty routine for sensitive skin?

You should scrub your face and neck using a gentle massage scrub. and rinse with warm water one or two times a week Then use a toning lotion suitable for your skin type. Your face will be prepared in the first step to absorb the moisture and benefits of all the active ingredients in it. anti-aging products For clear and tender skin

03 Avoiding factors that cause sensitive skin

The face is the area that is especially exposed to weather, pollution and sunlight. All of these external factors can intensify sensitivity and alter the skin barrier in some cases. air conditioner Including a room that is too hot and poorly ventilated is another cause of dehydration of the skin. Other factors affecting the body thestyleplus.

Sensitive skin can also react to the friction of clothing. Areas in contact with the fabric will become red and irritated. Using cleaning products that are not gentle enough Or use hard or high pH water when cleaning. Including spraying with perfume can cause skin reactions funnyjok.

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