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What Does the Techlash Mean?

What does the techlash mean? According to the Financial Times, the techlash is a growing public animosity towards big technology companies. This animosity can take many forms, but is generally associated with distrust, anxiety, and distrust of new technologies. Technology companies are under fire for everything from fake news to the future threat of automation and AI. In fact, research from Ipsos shows that technology issues are a top issue for stakeholders and the tech industry is no exception.

The reputation industry has also come under fire this year, largely due to the growth of fake news, privacy issues, and data use. This prompted a new round of scrutiny on the tech industry. However, this techlash has its benefits. Many Reputation Council members have successfully navigated tech issues in the past, and see it as a rite of passage for the tech sector. Ultimately, companies can avoid the techlash by educating their stakeholders on the underlying issues.

Facebook’s testimony last month was a turning point in the tech backlash. In October, Twitter, Google, and Apple were all called to testify before Congress about the addiction problem caused by iPhones. Tesla, meanwhile, was criticized for disturbing content on its kids’ channel. The backlash has not been limited to Silicon Valley, however. Many other major tech companies have faced similar criticism in recent months. The US government is considering a ban on ad spending on Facebook.

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