Workers Compensation in Nevada: What You Need To Know

Like any other field, state workers’ compensations have their way of providing compensation benefits to their employees. Workers’ compensation provides insurance benefits to employees injured on the job site and protects the employees with coverage at the time of injury.

In Nevada, the benefits are given regardless of fault, thus making the workers’ compensation a no-fault insurance. If you are an employer and need to learn how to go about your workers’ compensation, below we look at the required forms during the claim process and available benefits under workers’ compensation in Nevada.

Forms Needed During the Claim Process

Under the workers compensation in Nevada, there are several forms that, as an employer or employee, you should know about while following the procedure of the claiming process of the injured or ill employee.

1.  Incident Report Form

An injured employee fills and completes an incident report form once faced with a workplace injury. It has to be completed within seven days after the accident occurs, and the employee should provide the form to his employer. The employer is expected to maintain the incident report form for three years, after which the structure becomes obsolete.

2.  Employee’s Claim for Compensation

It is a report form of initial treatment completed by the injured worker and the physician treating him. Both the employer and the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier are expected to file the form within three days of the working days of treatment failure, and the record may incur heavy fines. Once the insurer receives the claim, he accepts it, notifies the injured employee, and begins to process the payments on the claim.

Available Benefits under the workers’ compensation in Nevada

1.  Temporary Total Disability

Injured workers under the workers’ compensation in Nevada receive monetary benefits if they are completely disabled or when the injured worker receives physical restrictions that their employer cannot meet.

The temporary total disability provides the Injured worker with economic support when unable to work. However, this compensation benefit requires a doctor’s certification, and the approximate amount paid to work is approximately 66.66% in Nevada and is paid weekly.

2.  Permanent Partial Disability

Workers Injured or ill due to work-related tasks obtain this benefit in a lump sum settlement to compensate for the permanent disability. The amount of money in the workers’ compensation in Nevada is calculated based on the degree of disability, the injured employee’s age, and his monthly wage.

Other benefits include money for vocational rehabilitation maintenance, training, and lifetime reopening. For the lifetime reopening, the workers’ compensation in Nevada allows the injured worker to reopen their compensation claims at any time.

The Injured worker can petition to have their claim reopened if they can prove through the physician certification that their condition has worsened. Once reopened, the injured employee receives and is entitled to all the above benefits.


Nevada provides their workers with the best compensation plans that protect them and assure them of economic support while recovering from work-related injuries and occupational illnesses. For more details on workers’ compensation in Nevada, call us or visit our website for better deals.

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